A Nottinghamshire August

A Nottinghamshire calendar PROVISIONAL COVER
This site is intended as a promotion for the forthcoming book A Nottinghamshire Calendar which will be out later in the year. Full details of the events and customs displayed will be found in this important work.

all images are copyright. If you wish to use one please message me. If you’re in one and you’d rather not be here let me know as well!

Unique customs, events and ceremonies this month….

Pagan Pride

DSC_0527 DSC_0551 DSC_0625DSC_0474DSC_0448

Nottingham riverside festival

DSC_0046 DSC_0960 DSC_0008 DSC_0049 DSC_0942DSC_0862DSC_0744DSC_0775DSC_0873


Nottingham Caribbean Carnival
DSC_0857 DSC_0898 DSC_0902 DSC_0996 DSC_1005 DSC_1019 DSC_1025 DSC_1114 DSC_1132 DSC_1163 DSC_1172 DSC_1181 DSC_1215 DSC_1242

Bleasby Festival St. George’s Day play CRAPPS

DSC_0020 DSC_0031 DSC_0041 DSC_0056 DSC_0060 DSC_0067 DSC_0101 DSC_0138 DSC_0141 DSC_0158 DSC_0159 DSC_0160 DSC_0164 DSC_0166 DSC_0176 DSC_0178


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